Mainline Church Planting Blogs

I read a few blog out there of other Church planters. They are informative, helpful, interesting, but they are all from an Evangelical/Baptist tradition. That’s fine, but its not my tradition. I’m a minister in a mainline protestant denomination – Presbyterian Church in Canada. Canada is already a different context that most of the people I’m reading. I know I’m always going to have this difficulty, but it would be nice to have others in the same boat as me. Maybe this blog needs to turn into what I’m looking for…

While I’m wishing for things, I shared with a couple of friends today that it would be great to have a Church Planting book written by someone other than a Church Planter whose church grew from 0 to 1500 in less than 5 years. Maybe those are the only church planters asked to write books – I don’t know. One of my friends suggested I write a book. Maybe I will. Then again maybe God will bring another 1450 people in the next 4 years, so I’ll be one of those!


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