Getting Back on Track – repenting

Confession time: I’ve let a whole part of my spiritual life slip lately. The tough part is, that without me confessing it, no one noticed or asked me about it. That’s no excuse, though – it just means that I need to ask people to hold me to a higher accountability.

Basically, I haven’t continued reading the Bible in over a week, my prayer life is lagging, and I haven’t been seeking the kind of support I really need for my own spiritual walk as a leader in the Church. I have been doing some stuff, like getting together with a friend every week for prayer, developing a friendship with a minister of another denomination and meeting monthly, reading John with my wife most nights. So, it would be easy to say that I’m doing okay, but its not enough.

So here’s what I’m going to do…
1) recommit to reading the Bible every day, writing a short journal entry and letting my prayer be guided by scripture.
2) Send out a prayer update to my email prayer group – long overdue!
3) Talk to my elders and to a friend about mutual accountability and submit myself to their oversight
4) Talk to my elders about putting coaching back in the church budget and start praying for and looking for an coach for me.


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