Who Is Judged? 2 Thes 1:6…

2 Thessalonians 1

Key Text: 2 Thes 1:6… – “For it is indeed just of God to repay with affliction those who afflict you…”

  • 2 Thes 1:5-12 is nuts – its all about judgment and I don’t really like judgment passages.
  • it is future oriented, as in, the bad people now are going to get it later.
  • Interestingly, the judgement is based on evildoers (as in, action) and not unbelievers – those who are punished are said to have not “obeyed the gospel”. Nowhere here does it say that they didn’t believe.
  • The question really, is who are the ones who are going to suffer later. Well, this passage seems to say that they are the ones who oppress now. So, who is that?
  • First off, this is good news for anyone who is oppressed.
  • The bad news is that for middle class male white North Americans like myself, we aren’t oppressed, and so does that automatically put me in the oppressor camp? Maybe.
  • What we desperately need is to see that Jesus proclaimed good news for the poor, oppressed, outcast, suffering. When we aren’t any of those things, we need to ask if we will stand alongside Jesus, hear the good news for the oppressed, submit ourselves to it, confess if we need to and live life accordingly. This is a huge challenge, but one that I want to do even if I don’t really know exactly how to do it all the time.
  • The really tough part is that I feel like I’ve been called by God to live this life by planting a Church in a suburban upper-middle class area. Lets hope they are all okay with being on this journey with me.

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