3 cool creative things a month

I’ve been reading/listening a lot about leadership and innovation lately. Its tough to be creative and innovate on a daily basis, but what if I did it monthly instead. I don’t want to limit myself to just one thing a month though, and because I like thing in three, that’s what I’ll try for. 3 cool creative things per month. Not things that I see or consume, but things that I create or help create. The hope is that at least one of the three will provide lasting value – in other words it will keep going after its created, or it will add something to an existing entity. The month of January is going to be hectic, with new Bible Studies, many meetings and traveling, but its better to start now!

Haven’t thought much about the three things for this month, but here goes:
1) find a someone who can consult on a lighting design for worship in the theatre (I’ve never been happy with the lighting in there)
2) Prepare a talk on the vision of Trinity
3) Help lead/plan one-off evening worship service – already committed to doing this with the Presbyterian Youth Council on Jan 18

If I actually did these before the end of the month it’d be awesome. Let’s see what happens.


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