Buildings and People

I just know I am going to struggle with the idea of a building project. For me, our building project at Church, that hasn’t even begun yet really, has to be about engaging, inviting, reaching the local community. Not just for the sake of having more people, but because I really believe that people need a place to connect with God and with others. I also believe that we are in a part of the city where we need to provide opportunities for that community to serve – for them to encounter Christ in serving others – for them to understand God’s grace to them because they have been an instrument of God’s grace for others.

I don’t think this all just boils down to money, but I do believe the “third part” of our Church’s vision to raise a significant amount of money for one foreign and one local mission project is so important. This needs to be something that captures peoples’ imaginations (and we have a lot of work to do on setting a goal) but in a lot of ways, I think we need need to also go beyond it. It isn’t really enough to set a target and reach it. We need to be aware of where God might lead us in serving others: not just by inviting them to Church, nor just by sending money, but in lots of other ways. What will God ask us to do? Who knows? I’m just saying that we need to be open to it, recognize it when its there, and respond. That’s actually way tougher than it sounds, because there are so many amazing causes out there, there are so many ways that we could be serving, so the decisions become difficult, and can even become paralyzing.

Some days I feel like we need to just make a decision and get going – but we’re getting there. We are a church on a journey, a church that’s learning, growing and trying to be faithful, missional. We have to resist the temptation to be “all things to all people,” but the invitation to all needs to be there, the willingness to serve anyone has to be there. I think it is, it just needs to be let loose.


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