Finding Joy in Work

“I enjoy my job when I actually do my job.” – This was a small epiphany I had back in December when having a conversation with a friend about “bad days” and enjoying work. I know there are days when I love what I do in theory, but don’t have a great day. The days I don’t enjoy work are when I get sidetracked on something that really isn’t part of my work, or when I procrastinate.

Ecclesiastes 2:24-25: “There is nothing better for mortals than to eat and drink, and find enjoyment in their toil. This also, I saw, is from the hand of God; for apart from him who can eat or who can have enjoyment?”

Finding joy in work really is a gift from God. It seems that when I embrace the gift of work that God has given my, the joy is there. When I waste it (even on more “fun stuff”, like computer games, or TV), I just end up having a “bad day.” This isn’t to say there won’t be bad days if I just remember the gift God gives and get to work. This also isn’t to say that everyone should just stay in their job and “learn to like it.” I feel called to my “job.” Its my vocation. And when the work you do is a calling, it ought to be full of joy, and it is, when I work hard at it (most days, but not all).


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