What is Authenticity?

I just read Seth Godin‘s post on authenticity where he mention’s Mother Theresa, and he says ‘Authenticity, for me, is doing what you promise, not “being who you are”.’

This Sunday I’m going to be talking about connections between faith and actions and I’m wondering whether Godin is right about authenticity. For the Christian, we may doubt God, we may doubt that we are really loved by God, or that God has really called us, or that we really are the Body of Christ, called to serve. We may doubt those things, but living authentically would be to still act on the vows we make when we professed our faith, because they were promises.

At our Church, one of those vows reads: “Will you, relying on the Holy Spirit, seek to mature as a Christian in the church, seek the guidance of Christ as you listen for his Word, celebrate his death and life at the table he provides, and engage in his mission to the world?”

My whole goal in talking to people about becoming a member of the Church, or in getting baptized, or having their children baptized, is that they take their vows with integrity. That they intend to keep their promise, even when its hard, or even when they have trouble believing anymore. Faith can be fleeting at times, but God’s faithfulness is always there. Just because we doubt in a few moments, doesn’t mean we abandon important vows.


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