Youth Ministry Maxim #2

Okay – there’s a second.

Youth Ministry Maxim # 2 – Get the leaders on your side

If you are a youth pastor, or volunteer youth ministry worker, you need to figure out who the leaders are from amongst the youth in your church or group. You need to get them to show up most of the time, because the rest of the group will take their cues more from them than from you. When asking youth to come out to something, they always want to know who else will be there – you need to be able to tell them that the key people are already on board and are committed to coming.

The key to this is eventually helping the leaders in the group realize they are the leaders in the group so that they take on responsibility. This doesn’t have to be formal, but might be as simple as letting them know that the other youth look up to them, or that if they come out, most of the others will want to be there too.

Don’t assume that it will be the older youth or the youth who is most interested in the Bible or spirituality. Often it will be, but sometimes the one you think is the older leader type, might scare off the younger ones. Rather, your key leaders within the group will be the ones who are great at building relationships with a wide variety of p


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