the blog post no one wants to read

I consistently love Eugene Cho’s blog and this post called “the blog post no one wants to read” on homelessness in Seattle is awesome.

I’m impressed that they are listening to 1) homeless people and 2) people who work with the homeless. I feel like it is so important that we listen to both and recognize that The Church is working with the homeless, even if it may not be “my church.” There are opportunities to be partners with parts of The Church that are doing this work.

I’m intrigued by the mention of their Church’s “compassion/justice pastor” Hmmm. At Trinity we have a “Mission/Justice Team,” but staff devoted to it is an interesting idea.


2 thoughts on “the blog post no one wants to read

  1. Corey says:

    In Winnipeg there are so many agencies that work with the homeless. Why would a church duplicate the service?
    Why not support the ongoing established efforts of others with resources? i.e. food, clothes, volunteers, money, etc

    • mbrough says:

      Amen Corey!
      And, we shouldn’t forget that there are already many churches working directly with the homeless and with many of those agencies.

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