Moving It

Went to an amazing workshop this morning at Alt7 with Jan Edmiston called “Moving the Traditional Church into the 21st Century”. Jan has a lot of passion. She loves the Church, was incredibly encouraging and managed to provoke a few more thoughts in me. A bunch of it was about moving traditional churches, but a lot applied pretty well to New Church Development.

Here are two things that really stuck…
1) What is the Church addicted to? Many churches are addicted to the ABC’s: Attendance, Buildings, Cash.
When we focus on these, the church dies.
We instead need to focus on NOP: Neighbours, Organization, Paradigm.
2) When congregations are asked whether it exists for those who are there or those outside the church, most will answer – both! Kaiser in “Winning on Purpose” argues that we need to choose one or the other, because if we say both, one will end up winning. The main point here is to choose to answer that we exist for those outside (even if they never show up at worship) – we exist to serve others, not ourselves.

There was tons more in this workshop, but mainly it was Jan’s passion with which she spoke that struck me. Overall, I am meeting fantastic people here. So much hope for the future.


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