A website that needs to happen…

October in Winnipeg seems to be the month of Educational events in the Church. It doesn’t seem to matter what faith tradition or denomination, there are/have been opportunities galore for learning more, with some amazing speakers.

Just a few…
The Anglicans put on an event on “the Missional Church” with Alan Roxburgh earlier this month.
Alan Hirsch is at CMU on Oct 26 talking about similar issues.
Phyllis Tickle is at Booth College talking about the Great Emergence on Oct 31.
I’ve heard of an event on the Church and Web 2.0

Someone really needs to keep track of all this kind of stuff and create a central place where church leaders can check in and see what is going on in our own city. There is so much. Unfortunately, most of us are run off our feet working…


4 thoughts on “A website that needs to happen…

  1. awakeanddreamingone says:

    is any of this on manitobachristianonline.com?

    • mbrough says:

      One of the events was listed on manitobachristianonline.com. I’m thinking more that there needs to be a site that is more focussed on events for Church leadership – the events on their website are mostly more generic – like a Church running Alpha, or a perogy supper.

  2. Kelly Powers says:


    Link changed here is the correct link for keeping informed on what is going on with Phyllis Tickle in Winnipeg

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