Sometimes twitter finds you some gems

Sometimes when I talk about twitter to people they don’t get it. How do you have time for that? they say. Why would you want to tell people what you’re doing? Why would you want to read what other people are saying, especially if you don’t know them?

I got “followed” on twitter today by Mark Waltz. I have no idea who Mark is, so, like I do with most new “followers”, I clicked on his profile and read a few recent tweets. Usually my next step (when I have no clue who they are is to either:

1) Realize that the “person” following me is really a scam and block them from following me.
2) Do nothing and think – that’s cool someone else is following me and they probably won’t read my tweets at all, because they don’t know me, and my tweets aren’t really that interesting anyway. If I added them, I probably wouldn’t read their tweets, so why bother following them just to be a reciprocal follower?

But, this time, this tweet caught my eye: “Guest Services Best Practice #18: Surprise Your Guests” with a link to Mark’s Blog: Because People Matter I visited the blog and there is some awesome stuff on there.

If you are reading this and you are interested in how to help people feel comfortable and welcome in Church, visit his blog now and start soaking in the ideas. Some of it is common sense, some of it is revolutionary, some of it is simple. I don’t care if you belong to a small church of 40 people that can’t afford a pastor, or if you’re part of a staff team at a large church and your full time job is “pastor of connections” (that’s Mark’s title). I don’t care if you are Southern Baptist or Presbyterian (like me), the stuff he’s putting on there is invaluable to all of us in the Church.

After all that, I followed him on twitter, and probably more importantly, I subscribed to his blog.

Mark, if you’re reading, you’ve got a new reader. Thanks for following me. And thanks for the great ideas!


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